On-Line License & Certification Renewal

License and certification renewals can take 5 to 10 days to be procesed. If a renewal applicant is required to complete a background check as part of the renewal process, additional processing time beyond 10 days is required.

​Effective January 27, 2012:  Please be advised that the disclosure of your Social Security Number or Federal Tax Identification Number is mandatory in order to process your application.  Any license or certificate application(s) received at the Maryland Board of Nursing without either a Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Tax ID Number WILL NOT be processed.  Applications without these numbers are incomplete.

The Board is required by federal and Maryland law to collect this information for the following purposes:
  • Verification of identity with respect to final adverse actions related to your license or certificate (42 U.S.C. § 1320a-7e(b))
  • Administration of the Child Support Enforcement Program (Md. Family Law Code Ann., § 10-119.3) Administration of the Child Support Enforcement Program (Md. Family Law Code Ann., § 10-119.3)
  • Identification by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation of new businesses in Maryland (Md. Health Occ. Code Ann., § 1-210)
    Please understand that if the Board receives your application, but it is incomplete because there is NO Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number, your application WILL NOT be processed and WILL BE returned to you.


You may no longer change your name based on a renewal application. Please disregard the statement within the renewal application that indicates you may change your name simply by filling it in the renewal form. In order to officially change your name in the MBON database, you are required to submit a Name Change Form  and appropriate legal documentation (marriage certificate/abstract, a divorce decree/dissolution showing name change clause (with judge’s signature), or a court record indicating a name change, based on the regulation under COMAR

Advanced Practice Nurses:  You must provide the Board with a copy of your current national certification.  Please fax it to (410) 358-3530 – Attention: Advanced Practice Certification or scan and email to mbon.advancedpractice@maryland.gov.  If your national certification is not current with the Board at the time your renewal is processed, your APRN will not be renewed.


updated 1/29/2018